Lisa has coached, mentored and advised a range of executives and leadership teams across all business functions at Fortune 500 corporations and private firms in the medical technology, retail, electronics and hospitality sector as well as a number of non-profits in the education, hunger, international development and community services sectors.  A partial client list is presented here:


“I have had the privilege of working with Lisa for over 13 years at Stryker and still continue to use her consulting services.  She is without a doubt the most talented, insightful and forward thinking professional I have ever encountered.  She leads with a combination of intelligence and instinct and is guided by a core philosophy of integrity and respect for the value of talent"

 Brian Lurie, Vice President and CIO, Gardner Denver

“Lisa is a superstar with insights about talent, structure and organizational dynamics that has helped us reach a much higher level of executive team performance and leadership and which has rippled through the entire organization in incredibly beneficial ways."  Billy Shore, Founder and Executive Director, Share our Strength​

"Lisa undertook an executive coaching assignment with one of our high potential executives.  Her high intellect and personable approach won over a skeptical executive who has applied Lisa's thoughtful coaching suggestions to tangible effect.  I highly recommend Lisa and her guidance has been immensely valuable to a future leader of our business."  Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Cepheid

Lisa has the keen ability to understand how to run a Fortune 500 human resources department. She is a valuable member of the executive leadership team with a clear understanding of how to manage financial business initiatives and is an expert on employee talent development.  Lisa is a straight shooter."  Dennis Stripe, CEO OrthoHelix division of Tornier N.V. 

"Lisa is a very talented leader with extensive HR experience.  She was instrumental in building a winning culture at Stryker over many years.  She was a fantastic HR partner promoting talent as a competitive advantage.”​
Sharon Brown, President, Stryker Performance Solutions

"I began working with Lisa 1 year ago.  She identified quickly the type of working relationship that would benefit me most and adapted accordingly. She is remarkably easy to talk to, keeps me focused on my organizational and personal goals and is flexible in all respects.  I recommend Lisa without hesitation."   Gary Bagley, Executive Director, New York Cares

"It is rare in the HR discipline to find an executive leader that commands both great HR talent and a deep understanding of Company business and its needs. Lisa is that unique leader and coach.  Whether implementing new tools to measure employee engagement, assisting with due diligence on an acquisition or hiring key Leaders for the company, Lisa led these efforts wtih excellence.

Ron G. Berlin, C.P.M, Vice President of U.S. Operations at Integra LifeSciences 

"Lisa  is the most effective HR professional I have worked with in my 30 years of experience.  Working together at Stryker we implemented significant organizational changes that transformed the organization from a traditional structure to a team-based customer and product focused team.  As a result of Lisa's guidance and support we had industry leading results in terms of quality, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.  It was a pleasure working with Lisa and would highly recommend her."

Gary Grenter, Chief Executive Officer at Personalized Cancer Therapy  

"Lisa is one of the best people and human resources professionals I have ever worked with.  She is the consummate professional who intuitively knows hte pusle of the organization, including where the best people are and how to develop them.  I strongly recommend her to help any organization looking to take their team to the next level."  John E. Hart, COO at ISTO Technologies

"I've known Lisa for over 25 years since we worked together at Sony in the 1980's.  There are few like her - a consummate and highly skilled HR professional, one capable of balancing all the demands of HR.   Compassionate, ethical, highly effective with all leves of the organization, extremely business savvy and results focused.  In her current work as an executive coach, she brings to her clients an amazing tool kit and eyras of executive experience in multiple industries.  I've recommended Lisa to others who have hired her as a coach and the results have been outstanding."  Peter Vincent, VP Human Resources, National Audubon Society